Curating an Etsy Gallery for Cottage Life

I was asked by Cottage Life magazine to compile thirty products from Etsy that could help keep your Winter cozy.  And you bet I jumped at the chance.  I browse Etsy for hours when it's not an assignment!   So thrilled to be doing this that I wanted to share and make sure you didn't miss it.  Go check it out at the Cottage Life blog and let me know if you have any favourite items.   

My Bio on the Cottage Life Blog

I was so excited to see that I have a Bio on the Cottage Life Blog!  I guess this means I'm a regular contributor, which thrills me.  Not only is "cottageing" an amazing experience in and of itself, it's also really fun to write about.  Especially when I get to add my snide little asides about my brother-in-law.  He can handle it, don't feel sorry for him!  Anyway, it's been a very pleasant experience and to see that they have carved out a little of their cyber space to include me is an honour.  Thanks for reading and keep checking in to find out about the next guest post! For now, you can read about adding warmth to your cottage with decor...

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