DIY: Customize a shower curtain

I have been having so much trouble finding a shower curtain.    I wanted something that still let light into the bathroom, but had a little bit of detail to add some interest.   I found some simple white ones at Ikea and you couldn't beat the price plus it wasn't vinyl, so non-toxic.  This is good since I have two children that spend lengths of time in the bath.  The shower curtain met the requirements but was so boring.  So I decided to draw on it with an extra-large Sharpie marker.   I mimicked the "faux bois" fabric that was at Ikea not too long ago, but with a little less detail.  

Step 1: Tape down some craft or scrap paper ont a long table

Step 2: Tape down the first segment of the shower curtain

Step 3: Start drawing!  Make sure to use a permanent marker.  I stick with the Sharpie brand because I know that that stuff doesn't come out.

Step 4: Test a small area to ensure that the marker doesn't run.   If you are worried, you might want to put it in the dryer for a few minutes or iron it at a lower temperature.

I did a faux bois pattern which was simple because I didn't have to worry about the lines being perfect and could really improvise where I wanted a lot of pattern and a little pattern.  I think you could just about do anything you feel like or even have your kids do one.  The permanent marker might not be appropriate for them, but, non-toxic fabric paint would work just as well (just follow the instructions on the product).   Have fun doing it!