Fall Cottage Life Show - Sources and paint colours

First of all, thanks to all of you that came out to the Fall Cottage Life Show!  It was a great success and there were line ups around the model cottage for a lot of the weekend.   I have to say, it was an amazing experience and so much fun to style the cottage.   It was so nice to get such such positive feedback from both the people visiting it, as well as the generous and helpful vendors that participated.  Please have a look at the source guide to see who participated.

Or, you can click here to go to the Cottage Life site to have a closer look.

Also, there was great interest in the paint colours I selected.  Therefore, I thought I would post a list and it is as follows:

Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen:

Grey Owl: 2137-60

Children's Bedroom:

Pale Celery: 2150-60

Master Bedroom and Ensuite:

Grey Timber Wolf: 2126-50

Main Bathroom:

Summer Shower: 2135-60


Grey Owl: 2137-60

All trim and ceilings:

Cloud White: OC-130

* All colours are the Benjamin Moore brand.

 Thanks for your interest and check back soon for more images of the model cottage!


Things I don't seem to tire of...

Over the years, I have started many collections and am drawn repeatedly to the same things.   That's not to say I don't also like trends.  There is definitely a time and place for trends in most designed spaces.   But, there are always the things that are comforting and reliable and that I will always love in a space.  At least I have for the last  10 odd years.   I thought I would share a few of the things I never seem to tire of...

Jade-ite Dishes (Oh. and salt and pepper shakers too!)

Mixing patterns - adds such a dynamic quality to a space.

Small cabinets with doors and latches 

(and, in case you don't already know - GREEN)

Old Suitcases

Drawers, especially metal ones

And chalkboard paint

Our wall in our kitchen is blackboard paint and we truly use it all the time.  Most of the time it looks a bit of a mess, but I think it still looks okay this way.   My husband and I use it for our brainstorming sessions about furniture design, kitchen layout (that's his chicken scratch way of writing "kitchen" by the way - it really doesn't say kill) and lists.  Those are the preliminary drawings for the side tables we collaborated on (see entry Build up to Built-ins).  

 Thanks for having a look...check back soon!

House of Bryan - Paint Colours

I'm not sure why, but I've been getting a few requests for the paint colours I selected for "House of Bryan".   Maybe there has been a marathon on?    Anyway, I have e-mailed a couple of people the list, but thought it might be helpful if I posted it.   All of the paint is Valspar available at Lowe's.

Happy painting! Just be thankful I'm not the one doing it - I'm a terrible painter.

Main Floor

Foyer and Stairwell    6005-1B, Villa Gray (may be called Oatlands Subtle Taupe)

Dining Room                5005-3C, Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist

Family Room                5005-3C, Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist

Living Room                 6005-1C, Smoked Oyster

Family Eat-in Area        6005-1C, Smoked Oyster

Hall to Powder Rm       6005-1C, Smoked Oyster

Kitchen                        6005-1B, Villa Gray (may be called Oatlands Subtle Taupe)

Powder Room              4008-2B, Almost Charcoal

Laundry Room              5001-3C, Blue Arrow


Second Floor

Hallway/Landing           6005-1B, Villa Gray (may be called Oatlands Subtle Taupe)

Guest Bedroom            6005-1B, Villa Gray (may be called Oatlands Subtle Taupe)

Guest Bathroom           5006-2A, Wet Pavement

Master Bedroom          6001-3C, Hazy Jade

Walk-in Closet     6001-3C, Hazy Jade

Master Bathroom         6001-3B, Mint Frost

Quintyn’s Bedroom      6005-5C, Herb Cornucopia

Charlotte’s Bedroom    6003-1B, Frappe

Kids’ Bath                    6007-7B, Grasshopper